The Best Designer Bracelets to Achieve a Perfect Wrist Stack

News| 2nd April 2024
The Best Designer Bracelets to Achieve a Perfect Wrist Stack
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Gone are the days of wearing a single piece of jewellery. These days, the hottest way to wear your jewels is stacked up on the wrist. Chunky bangles worn alongside dainty ones, gold next to silver, old worn with new. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to curating your very own wrist stack. But where to start?

Curating an elegant and playful jewellery stack on your wrist is all about careful consideration. How can the pieces you already own work together with a few new additions? Is there a family heirloom you could dust off and add to the collection? Here, we tap the expert advice of InStyle’s fashion director, Rachel Wayman, and market editor Annie Doig on the pieces you need for the perfect wrist stack. “I like a mixed metal stack, personally,” says Annie. “It’s all about mixing the right metals, too. Silver and gold work really well together, but it’s important to look for the right kind of gold. You don’t want one that’s too yellow.” Rachel also loves the addition of a watch. “With a mixed metal stack, I’d do a watch — a leather or metal strap would work,” she says. “I like to think about different shapes and weights when it comes to a wrist stack, too. Chunky mixed with dainty etc.”

Here, heeding Rachel and Annie’s advice we’ve picked five pieces to kickstart your stack.

The dainty chain

Ultra fine and elegant, this Gucci bracelet makes the perfect accompaniment to more statement pieces. Made from 18 karat gold, a single gold bar engraved with Gucci adds just enough interest.

Link to Love Bracelet, $1850 from Gucci, Ground Level

The statement bracelet

It’s impossible to miss this chunky chain from iconic jewellery house Tiffany & Co. Perfect for stacking with something more delicate, this statement piece will anchor whatever other bracelets you pair it with.

Tiffany HardWear Large Link Bracelet, $4100 from Tiffany & Co., Ground Level

The diamond bangle

Diamonds don’t have to be flashy. This white gold bangle from Bulgari’s B-Zero1 collection is undeniably spectacular without being too over the top.

B-Zero1 Bracelet, $23,000 from Bulgari, Ground Level

The layering chain

A simple yet elegant chain to complement the more statement pieces is essential in a well thought out wrist stack. This fine and subtle chain from Fendi is the perfect addition.

Filo Bracelet, $650 from Fendi, Ground Level

The sleek watch

Whoever thought you couldn’t stack a watch with bracelets probably hadn’t laid eyes on Longines’ Mini Dolce Vita. Sleek, subtle and ridiculously elegant, it’s as beautiful as it is practical.

Longines Mini Dolce Vita, $6400 from David Jones, Level 1

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