Bvlgari's Serpenti Watch Collection

05 Jul 2017


After interpreting the figure of the reptile in countless different ways and consistently at the crossroads between goldsmithing and High Jewellery, Bulgari now reaches beyond its customary universe to propel the eternally youthful SERPENTI towards a new field of expression, as the icon adopts double wrap-around straps made from multicolour exotic leathers.

A natural and legitimate continuation of the SERPENTI saga, these new straps are made from Karung, a non-venomous water snake whose particularly thin and supple skin features scales mid-way between those of a lizard or the more customary snake variation. Precious, more original and more exclusive, it calls for a meticulous tanning process, after which the leather is extremely pleasant to wear, soft and smooth. On the surface, the colouring with natural pigments, in vivid, luminous shades and beautifully matching the dial colours, is further enhanced by a varnish lending a subtle gloss.

Each watch comes with two straps – in Karung or calfskin – in your choice of colours, a wide range of additional shades is available at Bulgari boutiques, where the new SERPENTI is available now. SERPENTI can be transformed in a heartbeat thanks to an extremely practical fastening system making the straps easily interchangeable by the wearer on all models.

In an ultimate touch of refinement, you will also be able to choose your favourite case and dial too, so as to entirely personalise your SERPENTI. You will also be able to have an engraving of your choice on the caseback. In all, the palette of combinations and colour variations comprises a total of 312 variations, providing plenty of scope to enable you to define your own SERPENTI and make it unique and always desirable.

SERPENTI changes things up with a beauty that runs far more than skin deep: the love story lives on…

Based in Rome, since 1884 Bulgari has been creating some of the finest, most exquisite and wonderfully vibrant jewellery in the world.

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