CAMILLA Final Chapter Once Upon A Time Launch

21 Jul 2020

CAMILLA’s final Chapter of current collection, Once Upon A Time Collection is available in store and online now.  

The drop includes six prints inspired by Fairy Tales and folklore through wanderings of the mind in the absence of physical travel.

Below the shadow of the castle lays a high-hedged maze that invites me to step in.
With each leap, its green manicured walls grow narrow and longer enticing a chase down a labyrinth I can't refuse.
Dead ends, new openings, sunken garden dens, and illusions of direction – I catch 
glimpses of tea party characters tumbling over their dresses as they dash for the same escape that I am.
Weighed down by dream state, my steps bear no weight nor resolution. Perhaps I'll
stay lost for a while, the path to the unknown has always been my favourite.


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