Introducing Aje Adorn, Aje's Premiere Jewellery Collection

25 Nov 2019

Wrought from Precious Metals and Freshwater Pearls, Aje's Premiere Jewellery Collection 'Aje Adorn' is Artisinal in Feel and Form, whilst Purposeful in its Imperfection.

Inspired by the Contrast and Complexities of the Modern Woman, 'Aje Adorn' is a Sentiment, to be worn with Knowing and Nonchalance, and Without Occasion.

'Aje Adorn' is for the Lovers, the Dreamers, the Thinkers, the Doers and the Believers. For the Women who are Confident to Follow their Desires, to Make their Own Choice and to Create their Own Histories.

Tonal Gold and Silver, Hammered Metals, Raw Edjes, Brushed Finishes. Asymmetry and Symmetry. Modernity and Nostalgia.  Delicacy and Strength. Shimmering Contradictions. 

A Talisman of Memories, a Keepsake of Place and Time. Aje Adorn is a Mood, a Feeling, a Choice from the Heart, Jewellery to be Treasured for a Lifetime.

Raw Beauty. Tough Femininity. Effortless Cool.

Shop the Collection at the Aje Boutique located on Level 1.