16 Jul 2020

With the CRUISE 2021 COLLECTION, "GAME ON" Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton Women’s Collections Creative Director, invites us on a very personal journey.

The designer's time: his past, present, and endless possibilities for the future.


Game On, or creative freedom playing with canvas, mingling lines between the Monogram flowers and four suits of a card deck.
In this fantasy of illusion, clubs bloom, spades pierce, diamonds sparkle, and the almighty heart reigns. The Monogram plays its ace on the House's most iconic accessories.
It expresses a particular art of living that keeps the trunk-making heritage alive.
It's the symbolism of a deck of cards, the traveller's loyal companion, entertainment cultivating togetherness.
Game On is a light-hearted adventure in which all of the House's spheres of expertise play a role, driven by passionate craftsmanship, their winning card.



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