Mare Mystique | Camilla

18 Jun 2020

CAMILLA’s latest print, Mare Mystique launches elusively to CAMILLA boutiques this Monday 22nd June, as a part of CAMILLA’s current collection Once Upon A Time. Inspired by Fairy Tales and folklore through wanderings of the mind in the absence of physical travel.


Last light beams its golden haze through vertical trees that form a dense
emerald forest. Standing on its edge, I hold out a compass to find my
way back home before the sun descends.
In the dust filled ambience, a silhouette of a Hungarian wolf majestically
stalks closer with piercing eyes of intrigue. It stops before me before
turning around and gesturing me to follow.
Creatures of dusk peer from the distance as we walk a path to slumber
guided by an owl who rests on my shoulder. With no home in sight,
I climb atop a mountain of mattresses pulled from a castle and
rest my head for dream state