01 Jan 0001

Multifaceted. Magnificent. Maximised. For the Fall/Winter 2020 leather goods and accessories collection, Bvlgari elevates glamour to unexplored territories.

An encapsulation of jewellery inspiration and leather goods artistry devoted to a modern lifestyle, the new collection leads Serpenti into a Maxi Glam dimension of playful sophistication and trailblazing flair. Over the season, the most prized skins and leathers undergo endless metamorphosis, flaunting an unforeseen iridescent effect on different materials – another statement of Serpenti’s transformative soul.

There are two stand-out novelties this season. Born from the mix and match style of a camera bag with one or two detachable pochettes, the new Bvlgari 7 Ways gets ahead of street style trends. With seven different ways to wear the piece, it encapsulates the snake’s endless transformative powers with a fresh and playful attitude.

Another novelty bringing Bvlgari’s snake icon firmly into the now is the Serpenti Forever bag with a smaller and more compact shape, flaunting two distinctive external compartments akin to those spotted on today’s trend-setters.

Embarking on a journey through the collection moods, the first stage starts with a White Flow. Like a painter in front of an immaculate canvas, Bvlgari sets creativity and imagination free by experimenting with the absolute non-colour. From varnished to pearled shell calf leather through to pearled galuchat, white uncovers its countless and unexpected nuances; calf leather receiving the same attention as the most luxurious skins.

The inspiring canvas is then reimagined through the energy of the ultra-precious colours of a pearly rainbow, ranging from daisy topaz to mint. The interplay between light and vibrant nuances takes a striking role in the experimentation of new skin and leather treatments such as the luxurious multi-coloured python skin.

The essential inspiration of Bvlgari’s creativity, coloured stones, bring their power and vibrancy to the third mood of the collection. There is an energy and chromatic richness only comparable to that of Rome, the city of unmatched beauty and liveliness. With the Power Gems, the timeless Serpenti Forever, the ultra-soft Serpenti Cabochon and the day-wear icon Serpenti Diamond Blast dives into a world of precious combinations and dazzling nuances, from emerald green to berry tourmaline and fire amber.

A blaze of colour defines the joyful spirit of the Textile Collection. Inspired by the indulgent lifestyle and opulent beauty of the Eternal City, the silky masterworks render Rome’s unique magic through lively, geometrical and romantic motifs.

The new eyewear collection further orbits from B.zero1’s brave and edgy spirit to new interpretations of Serpenti’s feminine power, while vivacious and playful styles debut with Fiorever and BVLGARI BVLGARI.