New Matcha Teas at T2!

12 Feb 2019

T2 have launched 3 new Matcha blends, and trust us when we say you'll want to come in and try them! T2 have taken your traditional Matcha tea, and all the amazing benefits of it, and brought the new flavours to the market.

The best way to brew them? Add half a teaspoon to your Matcha Bowl or Flask, 150ml of water and whisk it up! Enjoy with milk and honey if you’re a sweet tooth, or as it is for our purists.

To try the new flavours, visit T2 on Lower Ground level of QueensPlaza near the foodcourt.

Matcha Berry Ripple

What’s green, pink and delicious all over? This berry beetroot matcha fusion! Berry and beetroot tones will turn your daily greens into a pink extravaganza complete with sweet fruity tones and a matcha pep.

 Mint Chip Matcha

Minty choc and matcha – trust us, this combo was mint to be. Turn your matcha ritual into one overflowing with choccy, minty magic. Plus, we’ve added just a touch of liquorice root – sweet tooth's, we got you.

 Salted Matcha Milkshake

A light matcha hit with a salted caramel streak! Who says you can’t get all that good green stuff in and have a delicious old time while you’re doing it? This matcha drop serves up deliciously sweet toffee flavours, with a tingly sea salt sprinkle.