Night Dining Now Served

04 Jan 2020

The cult worthy reputations and cues say it all. Think Italian woodfire pizzas, authentic Shanghai dumplings and the most swoon-worthy views over Brisbane’s CBD – if night dining is what you are after, QP is sure to impress.

Here is a rundown of QueensPlaza’s new tried-and-tested dining hotspots to check out on your next night out.

Stanton Cafe and Bar

One step into Stanton Café and Bar and you’re instantly transported to a boujee breakfast, a luxe lunch or decadent dinner setting.

Curated by award-winning interior designer Melissa Collison, the space marries strategic lightening, eclectic style and chandeliers with antiques, woven Persian rugs and bespoke wallpaper ready to grace your Instagram feed. Think Old Melbourne meets lofty New York City.

With lounge, sit down dining space and an outdoor terrace overlooking Brisbane’s CBD, it is easy to see how afternoon drinks could transition to a late-night dinner.

Whilst the venue may be luxurious, Stanton offers comfort foods and bite sized shares galore. Popular orders include the signature Stanton pie, steak fries and chipotle burger. For those wanting something a little more deluxe, try the light double baked crab soufflé – something not often found on an inner-city menu.

Finish with a drink at Stanton’s rounded timber bar, perfect for after work drinks or a post shipping sip and choose from a carefully curated wine list showcasing boutique brands and an extensive high-quality cocktail list. We recommend the spiced rum and ginger.

Located on Level 1. Open Monday – Friday until 9pm, Saturday and Sunday until late. Find out more here



New Shanghai

At New Shanghai, guests are offered of modern Shanghai-style cuisine, in an ambient setting inspired by the bustling, colourful streets of the city the venue is named after. At the heart of New Shanghai are ancient family recipes learned in Shanghai and passed down from generation to generation. These ancient recipes are the base of New Shanghai’s vibrant array of Shanghai-style soup dumplings, noodles, bubbling hot pots, and pan-fried buns, which can be enjoyed while taking in the chef’s live dumpling-making theatre.

New Shanghai’s signature dumplings have secured a deserved cult following. The menu is filled with genuine Chinese specialties - including a variety of wontons and dim sums, crab meat Xiao Long Bao, braised pork belly and salt and pepper prawns.  

Located Lower Ground. Open Monday – Friday until 9pm, Saturday and Sunday until late. Find out more here



Shinobi Ramen

Traditional Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen from one of Japan’s finest Ramen Masters, Mr. Hideki Futemma. The critically acclaimed Ramen Master is the leading Tonkotsu chef at Japan’s best Ramen school and is behind Shinobi Ramen’s secret recipes and menu.

Shinobi Ramen’s specialty is Tonkotsu Ramen. Originating from Fukuoka, the dish is renowned for the amount of time it can take to prepare authentically and is a key feature that is respected by the entire culinary team at Shinobi Ramen. The Ramen soup broth is based on Pork bones, boiled for several hours and traditionally served with Ramen noodles that are topped with sliced pork belly. 

Located in Lower Ground Food Court. Open Monday – Friday until 8pm, Saturday and Sunday until late. Find out more here



Kinn Imm

Delicious, quick to serve and more importantly, authentic! Kinn Imm is the culmination of all the variety of foods from the four regions of Thailand: Northern, Northeastern, Central and Southern. Located on the Lower Ground, this dining experience transports you elsewhere with a clever restaurant design and rich tastes. Try the fresh papaya salad or pick a curry of your choosing - you can't go wrong!

Located in Lower Ground Food Court. Open Monday – Friday until 9pm, Saturday and Sunday until late. Find out more here