Oscar Oscar and Danny Luu

24 Jan 2020

QueensPlaza sat down with the wonderful Oscar Oscar Salon Manager Danny Luu to talk all things hair, style and QP. 


Oscar Oscar recently celebrated its 30 year anniversary, how long have you been with the company and why do you love it?
D: This July, it’ll be 9 years since I first stepped in the doors of Oscar Oscar. It’s a great company that you can evidently grow with and who are so supportive of everything you want to achieve.

What stores have you worked in and what makes QueensPlaza/Adelaide Street stand out to you?
D: I’ve worked in both the Indooroopilly Store and Albert St City store (now closed) but originally started at Indooroopilly. Coming back home to where it all started is so surreal and it couldn’t have been better timing.

Best hair care tip?
D: Using masques as conditioners and always using heat protection when styling hair.

You mentioned in Style Magazine’s December piece the hair colour doesn’t have to be high maintenance, what is your top tip to achieving this?
D: Although you may have a certain colour in mind that you want to be, it’s important to be realistic in what can be achieved and maintained, especially if you’re wanting low maintenance. Building a relationship with your hairdresser who understands you and your lifestyle and shares the same vision, will ensure you’ll walk out with the dream hair you want.

Number 1 question you are asked during a consult/styling?
D: Will this colour suit my skin tone? Pink based skin tones suit cooler colours, Olive skin tones suit warmer colours. And neutral skin tones suit both. You usually know what skin tone you have however I was once told by the Armani counter in David Jones that because my veins show as green under my skin, I have a neutral skin tone. You learn something new every day.

What is your biggest style no-no?
D: Styling your hair without heat protection. If you style your hair everyday like me, you need to be treating your hair that much more so that it doesn’t dry out as much. Healthier hair means longer lasting colour, longer lasting waves and who doesn’t want healthy hair!?

What is your favourite Oscar Oscar hair product?
D: My absolute favourite product that I seem to grab for all my guests is the Oribe Maximista. Blow dried in, it gives your hair the right amount of texture and grip so that your styles last longer but doesn’t weigh the hair down.

Your favourite home remedy is…
D: I personally don’t have a home remedy but if you’re a little bit time poor, I love either the Kerastase 8-hour night serum or the Shu Uemura Overnight serum for easy weightless moisture. They both don’t leave residue on your hair or your pillow and they’re both overnight treatments, so there is no extra effort needed.

One thing you wish customers knew?
D: When we recommend a home hair care routine for you to take home, it’s because we believe that our products will do that for you. To recreate the feel of your hair and the styles that we do, it does take practice, but product also plays a very big part of it. We recommend because we care.


Visit the Oscar Oscar experts at QueensPlaza, along Adelaide Street.