Ten with Tess

Meet Former Miss World Australia Tess Alexander this Thursday at QueensPlaza!

'Ten with Tess' is a LIVE weekly Health and Wellness seminar designed to break down the fitness fads and discuss all things health, wellness, luxury and beauty! In 10 easy to follow tips, Tess will unlock beauty secrets, discuss the do's of nutrition and breakdown stress, cortisol levels and adrenal fatigue to help the average gal feel anything BUT average! This week tess will unlock the secrets on how to deal with STRESS!

Stress is virtually inescapable in today's modern society- whether emotional, physical, or even the iPhone that constantly lives in your hand! Stress, and the clinically proven effect it has on your body, hormonal profile and wellbeing, is something we should all be conscious of! Join Tess and the boys from City Cave as they discuss stress, chronic pain, sleep cycles, mental health, and their unique approach to health and wellness. Learn how sensory deprivation float tanks and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory epsom salts are the way of the future!

Tess will be on Level 1 of QueensPlaza on Thursday 8th March from 12pm, so follow the link below to reserve your spot and find out her top tips for keeping balanced from 6am-6pm.